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There's a lot of hype around "Web3" and "The Metaverse" as people see money in it, similar to the second .com boom. However, many platforms claiming to be "Web3" are just trying to make money off you and aren't truly secure or decentralized.

While some services have technology that can be building blocks for the next internet, many become centralized "SaaS" services that aim to sell something, creating another walled garden with blockchain technology mixed in.

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All donations are spent on active development of Lume Web and maintaining community services.

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The Web3 is taking back the internet to be the user-owned internet. If we, the users, don't fund and build what we want, it will be again, decided for us, and benefit others and become centralized to a few, not decentralized for the many.

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We need the communities voice and hands. Lume Web is your open gateway and platform, so it must be built by those who are going to use it the most.

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Why we ask for your donations

Lume Web is a small initiative with big ideas and a unique vision. We rely on the community and crypto whales to support us in building technology that empowers internet users. The current internet is controlled by a few, turning users into products in exchange for "free" services, making us batteries in the matrix.

Powered by you

How we’re different

The .com boom/bubble/bust was a gold rush for VC's and everyone looking to get rich. We've entered that era again with crypto, web3, and the "metaverse". Lume Web has no VC equity and will never give out equity to investment companies since their interests go against a user-owned internet.

How to support Lume Web

We aren't picky 😉. If there is a way you want to pay us, we are happy to take it. The project is funded through Hammer Technologies LLC, in the USA, and so crypto, FOSS platforms, and traditional payment methods are all accepted! Just click donate at the top to see your options, and to contact us if needed.